Our philosophy


Do you like looking at bikes? Did you ever see one where you liked the rider? Even before you saw him oder her? Happens to me all the time. Bikes say a lot about yourself. Why then should a frame not be every bit as unique as the human being riding it? That's why I love and build custom frames. I don't do production runs. I build bespoke bikes, one by one, starting with design and the geometry to fit you like a glove, continuing with a hacksaw, a file, a TIG welder, a pipe bender and finishing everything off with an extensive manual finish and a bolt on headbadge. If I had a say everbody would ride a custom bike. But then I may well be biased, if only a bit. Still one does spend a bit of time on a bike over the years, and quite often one ends up with something ridiculously close to a personal relationship. If you do decide you want a custom bike you should make sure to have a trustworthy midwife (or midman, in my case) on your side. You should feel at home with that person, his style should complement yours, and your wishes should be respected. That's just why there is not a single "best framebuilder". The question whether all thie above is as it should be is a rather personal one. A good bike should be fun even before you ride it. With Titanium it will also last pretty long.


All that is not a substitute for the most important factor altogether: A bike should be fun to ride. Sure a bike may please your eyes, if it handles like a donkey on rails that alone is no god though. Of course that's all to plain to see, still it may be worth to remember every now and then. To me a bicycles aesthetics are mainly governed by it's function.


I like Titanium. Ti is for ever. Unfortunately Ti needs a hell of a lot of energy before it eventually ends up as a tube in your bike. That's partly compensated by the long life expectancy of a Ti frame though. Still I make sure to weld with electricity which a neutral carbon footprint. A Ti-frame is not the only thing one leaves behind.


Keep on riding.